Altron FemmeTech

The all-women’s innovation forum at Altron Managed Solutions


Altron FemmeTech

The all-women’s innovation forum at Altron Managed Solutions

Our Purpose

In recent decades, women have seen the opportunities to advance their professional acumen and leadership abilities in the corporate business environment increase, however, the gender gap has still not been closed. Women continue to hold a smaller share of leadership responsibility when compared to men, particularly in senior positions.​​

​​It is for this reason that Altron Managed Solutions has placed a concerted effort to mitigate this challenge with the introduction of Altron FemmeTech which aims to empower and develop female leadership, without excluding men.​​ Our hope is to build a business case for a greater representation of women in technology and leadership positions.

We would like to offer support and enable the ​advancement of Women in Technology ​as well as impact society by influencing communities on their views about women’s unique role in this industry.​

Our Cause

Altron FemmeTech is an all ladies technology innovation and community influencer forum launched from Altron MS.

​​The primary objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity to women within Altron BMS and beyond to showcase their ideas, offer their skills, develop and implement innovative technology solutions and drive the presence of women in a male dominated technology industry. This does not mean the exclusion of men as part of our forum, we invite, collaborate actively with them and they become active participants in the cause to uplift women through multiple future initiatives we plan to have in the near future.

Our aim is to help  women and girls reach their full potential to innovate in the Technology industry, influencing communities to realise the importance and unique role women play in Technology.

​Our collaborative advantage is that we are perfectly positioned as we have the unique skills, focus and network in the Technology industry to achieve our goals.​

We’re partnering with our fellow Altron colleagues, partners, women in tech, communities including schools, colleges and universities. Creating an extensive pool of resources for current and future skills requirements for our organisation and South Africa.

This opportunity also allows Altron Group to support, upskill and develop Altron ladies into leadership roles, develop new technology solutions and impact communities.​

Who can join?

Any woman – or man who is willing to drive our cause – with unconventional thinking, tech-focused solutions or ideas that could benefit themselves, other women and Altron MS in developing not only women, but also driving feminine-edge innovation that matters.


Is this forum just for women?

There’s a strategic objective in our country to put women forward right now. At Altron we value our employees, diversity and inclusion, and are committed to developing and assisting women in Altron to become world-leaders in technology innovation and it includes active male participants that believe in our cause.

Join the Forum

Become part of something innovative and inspiring by joining the forum or submitting your idea.
Brought to you by Altron FemmeTech an Altron Managed Solutions initiative.


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