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Capturing Customer Data – Join The Future

Eliminate the need to capture employee details on paper with Altron Managed Solutions’ latest digital application – based on our Rapid Deploy Applications (RDA) solution – that assists companies with capturing, maintaining and securely storing records of employees and their key surrounding health attributes electronically, in line with COVID-19 regulations.

Why RDA?

With a plethora of use-cases, many businesses are turning to RDA to help turn complexity into simplicity. Altron Managed Solutions’ simple-to-use RDA app can be built and customised for your company, complete with customer-specific branding.

How RDA works for COVID-19

  • The first screen requires you to capture the employee number.
  • The employee’s details are then queried and pulled to the screen, showing their reporting manager, full name etc.
  • Next, the user would capture health attributes, such as, does the employee have difficulty breathing, redness of the eyes, temperature reading etc.
  • The second screen allows for all details to be confirmed before submitting.
  • All captured information is then stored electronically for easy access and review.

Solution Benefits

  • Simple to use mobile app
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid to deploy
  • Offers reminder prompts
  • Digital applications allow companies to use less paper
  • Eliminates errors that often occur when capturing handwriting
  • Less duplication in having to electronically capture written details
  • Information is securely stored
  • Ensures consistency of information recorded
  • Allows for simple information analysis if required

Outside of the COVID-19 application, the Altron BMS Rapid Deploy Applications (RDA) solution can assist to swiftly, efficiently and effectively build applications to digitalise and streamline many other company processes. The applications are all simple to use, mobile friendly and integrate easily into the Microsoft suite of applications. The applications are also easy to access online, whilst remaining secure with required authentication.


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