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ATM Security and Fraud

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ATM Security and Fraud

Logical Protection Solutions

The increase in logical attacks on ATMs pose a material risk to enterprises. NCR implements strategies that mitigate against malware, ransomware and unauthorized files. A series of actions are required to align with NCR’s recommended strategy – Defense in Depth.


  • The Solidcore Suite for APTRA is a market-leading whitelisting solution optimised for Secure Hard Disk Encryption. This ensures protection against unauthorised files on ATM hard disk drives.
  • Secure Remote BIOS (Basic Input Output System) updates. This allows for remote distribution of BIOS settings and password protection.
  • ATMs configured with NCR’s Security for APTRA are protected against risk at the ATM or a network site based attacks.

Secure BIOS Management

NCR’s Secure BIOS Management provides the first layer of protection against unauthorized booting and access to the ATM hard disk. This service remotely locks down the Basic Input Output System firmware by applying a password and disabling booting from external devices.

The system also periodically refreshes the BIOS password to ensure that it remains secure. NCRs remote push enables no-touch password implementation and maintenance, saving time and effort. It also saves costs as it does not require manual updates and prevents errors and the sharing of passwords.


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