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NCR Activate Enterprise

NCR Activate Enterprise is the leading global self-service ATM software. It offers a rich mix of transaction based and revenue generating opportunities. The solution allows for the extension of channel capabilities and, consequently, new transaction flows. Designed for complex, multi-channel banking, the programme offers true integration of self-service channels with existing infrastructures, while achieving unmatched levels of security.

Why your business needs NCR Activate Enterprise

The system offers maximum versatility in three modalities:

  • Traditional ATM
  • Remote video teller assistance
  • In-branch, in-person assistance via a tablet

This software has the potential to differentiate businesses by deploying cost effective services faster, thus driving revenue generating opportunities through a centrally managed enterprise server architecture.


  • Seamless connectivity across all physical and digital channels
  • The ability to leverage contemporary web technology to radically transform the management of ATM operational ecosystems
  • It enables targeted, personalised messages, according to customer preferences
  • Cost-effective delivery of innovative services according to modern enterprise architecture
  • HTML5 modem User Interface that enables redeployment of assets from digital channels

What makes us different?

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Software Distribution Services

The management of software has become more complex than ever. That is why NCR Software Distribution Services remotely delivers software updates to ATMs. We offer a number of Windows Security Update Management subscription tools to help you manage your system. These include:

  • Application Updates
  • Campaign Management
  • Secure Biometric Updates

Industry compliance and risk audits require that the latest security updates be installed timeously across the base to protect financial service providers against malicious intruders. Microsoft ™ regularly releases updates to patch security vulnerabilities that may not be protected by firewalls and anti-virus software.


Demonstrating compliance and mitigation of risk against fraudulent activity can become a lengthy and costly exercise. NCR Software Distribution Services provides a cost-effective way to identify, distribute and install appropriate updates on ATMs and provide the documentation required to support audits. Security patches are deployed with minimum interruption to ATM availability.

Business Benefits

  • Critical defence against operating vulnerabilities that a firewall and anti-virus software might not detect
  • Rapid deployment of new transactions and the ability to effect changes to existing transactions
  • Simplified update management with NCR domain expertise in a secure infrastructure
  • Audit reports to aid compliance
  • Compatibility with NDC hosts

What makes us different?

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The Solidcore Suite for APTRA

The Solidcore suite is focused on two – historically opposed – challenges faced by IT companies:

  • Eliminating risks posed by network perimeter breaches, or internal threats to security
  • Reducing information security operating costs in the face of constrained IT resources.

By protecting the code at runtime and answering compliance requirements, businesses can significantly reduce the cost of ATM protection.


This is a multi-vendor, self-service ATM management system that delivers on customer needs: availability and ease of use. And, by allowing an accurate view of your self-service, the data can assist in the development of your business.

Improved operational performance does not necessarily mean improved UX. APTRA Vision provides a graphic dashboard that enables you to evaluate key metrics. This leads to faster, more accurate decisions making, focused action and consequently an improved ROI.

APTRA Self-Scheduler

The NCR self-scheduler has just made life even easier for clients. It allows customers to book appointments with bank consultants via mobile or self-service terminals. The system operates 24 hours per day and confirms appointments through SMS, e-mail or Text-to-Speech capabilities.

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