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Contactless Authentication Solutions

Automated Screening & Identification

COVID-19 Statement

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for organisations to employ measures to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, clients, suppliers – in fact, anyone that interacts physically with your enterprise.

The ability to identify and screen individuals for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) at ports of entry has become an important aspect of limiting the spread of COVID-19. Pandemics and epidemics such as SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19, have all utilised thermal screening to assist in identifying and minimising the spread of such diseases. It seems a logical next step then that such screening capabilities should extend to organisations in both the public and private sectors too.

Infrared thermography (IRT) is an application of Computer Vision through which one can measure the temperature of an individual. Thermal screening is thus used as an EBT detection method and may also be used as part of employee health and screening (EH&S).

However, EBT is not the only aspect to be cognisant of within an organisation. The Kognition solution range offers both stand-alone IRT, as well as all-in-one solutions that combine Face Recognition, IRT and Access Control to help keep people safe and well, in and around the workplace.

About Kognition Thermal Imaging

Kognition is a brand of Computer Vision solutions that uses AI to identify, categorise and trigger actions based on detection, recognition and tracking of objects within images or video frames. An object is first detected, then captured and lastly matched.

Face Recognition helps with identification and authentication, while in IRT use-cases, a thermal camera is used to determine EBT by measuring the temperature of an individual at skin level, on the face. Face Recognition can be paired with IR in certain product sets – for instance, to accurately combine a temperature reading with the identity of the individual being screened. Selecting the components or product sets within Kognition is highly dependent on the use-case for the CV application, as well as client budget.

Why Kognition Thermal Imaging?

As a screening and identification solution, Kognition offers several features/ benefits to organisations, including:

1. Secure screening and building access control

Limit business risk by being able to identify potential threats using Face Recognition and EBT (combined or stand-alone).

2. Accurate and reliable screening methodology

Kognition temperature screening solutions are highly accurate and have been used worldwide.

3. Assists with social distancing protocols

The solutions support non-contact measurements (+0.3m up to 9m, lens dependent) whereas thermo-guns and thermometers require either contact or measurement, often between 1-5cm of an individual.

4. Assists with social distancing protocols

The solutions support non-contact measurements (+0.3m up to 9m, lens dependent) whereas thermo-guns and thermometers require either contact or measurement, often between 1-5cm of an individual.

5. Compliance with regulations towards reducing health risks

EBT detection assists in screening for abnormal body temperature, enabling a prompt response to triggers or red flags.

6. Consolidated campus or enterprise-wide screening information

Through solution software or integration capability, EBT screening data may be collected and collated into dashboards and reports for management purposes.

7. Adaptable for different building types and scenarios

The solution set contains various form factors and calibration methods to suit different building types (for example: corporate, branch, wellness, conference, high security areas etc).

8. Extensive training and support structures

The solutions have associated product and solution training, together with local and internationally-backed support structures.

Special Offers

In order to address your concerns, Altron Managed Solutions offers you these world-class temperature screening devices, perfect for indoor entryways – at an affordable price.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
How does thermal imaging actually work?

Thermal cameras detect heat radiation
and can be used to identify the surface temperatures of objects and people. With this capability, thermal cameras are commonly used as a non-contact screening tool to detect differences in skin surface temperatures and pattern changes.

Can screening and identification products be used to detect a disease or virus?

No, IRT products only scan and screen for EBT. It is up to the organisation to arrange for further testing of an individual that has an EBT.

Does a person require training to operate IRT systems?

Yes, training is available for various products in the solutions range. There are also various levels
of training, depending on the scale and complexity of the total solution.

How accurate are thermal cameras?

Accuracy may vary, depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the camera components, the setting (indoor vs outdoor), ambient temperature, focus of lens, distance of the individual from the camera and also what the subject may have been doing prior to having their temperature screened. 
 In Screening Mode, together with the help of configuration aids, thermal cameras can achieve accuracies of between +/- 0.3oC to +/- 0.5oC in a stable ambient environment when properly configured.

How does one distinguish between the quality of one IRT solution versus another, given that the market is currently flooded with options? 

A good place to start is to identify how long a manufacturer/brand has been in the market, as well as the footprint of usage together with the purpose of usage. Being able to produce lab tests, as well as certification and endorsement by authoritative bodies, can aid in determining quality and pedigree. Kognition products and solutions have been widely used in public spaces, including airports, train stations, hospitals and corporate settings to screen for EBT. Products and solutions are sourced from various suppliers.


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