ATM Solutions

Channel Management

ATM Solutions

Channel Management

ATM Device Management – Vision

NCR Vision is multi-vendor self-service ATM management system that puts operational performance into context with what really counts—consumer experience. With a complete and accurate view of your self-service network, Vision will help you to successfully manage your business and plan for future development. Improved operational performance does not necessarily create improved consumer experience, but Vision’s graphical dashboard unlocks the information needed to help you optimize both of these key metrics. This system wide vision enables faster and more accurate decision making, leading to better timed and directed action.

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ATM Cash Demand Determination

ATM Cash Demand Determination is an advanced cash management solution that predicts the demand for currency at each cash point on an individual basis. By applying sophisticated mathematical algorithms to historical, event and cost data, the optimum cash position and delivery schedule for each cashpoint is determined.

Past demand, holidays, local and national events, and current trends (i.e. interest rates) are among the variable data analyzed. ATM Cash Demand Determination then provides order recommendations, which are optimized to provide the best service levels for cash delivery at the lowest possible cost. ATM Cash Demand Determination is the foundation of NCR’s cash management solutions.


  • Precision network analysis for each individual cash point
  • Pre-emptive alerts to prevent cash outages
  • Improved consumer service
  • Reduced cash requirements and cash deliveries resulting in over reduction in cost
  • Seamless integration with existing bank systems and networks

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Authentic is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for today’s fast-changing payments business. It has become the payments engine of choice for issuers, acquirers, payment service providers, ISOs and merchants around the world. Certified as PA-DSS compliant, and benchmarked at 10,000 transactions per second, Authentic is designed to keep you in control of your payments environment, while giving you functionally rich, secure, resilient and scalable performance.

Multi-faceted payment

With Authentic as your EFT system, you can operate a multi-faceted payments business from a single platform

Any Device

Authentic can accept any type of transaction from any device, source or system, authorize and authenticate it, and route it to any destination

Multi-Channel Support

Authentic offers multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support, and enables compliance with current and future EMV standards as well as contactless and mobile payment types


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