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Contactless Palm Authentication

Contactless Authentication Solutions

Contactless Palm Authentication

PalmID® Solutions

PalmID® is a highly secure authentication process that provides non-touch authentication quickly and securely, and which can assist on both endpoint and personal devices.

The human palm contains a complex set of skin lines and creases that are unique enough to identify an individual. When a palm is placed in front of a camera at a distance of around 6 inches (or 15cm), even a low-end camera (such as the ones already installed on mobile phones, laptops and ATMs) can capture the palm skin in great detail.

Once captured, the PalmID® Capture Module uses machine vision techniques to turn the RGB video input into an authentication-ready palm template for enrolment or verification.

The PalmID® Matching Module then matches the captured palm image against stored references and, in just 50-300 milliseconds, it matches the verification (login) attempt against the enrolment template using proprietary algorithms which have been extensively tested against tens of thousands of palm images.


Solution Benefits

  • PalmID® is extremely accurate.
  • It works in a wide range of illumination conditions.
  • It is tolerant to dirt or even scars on the palm.
  • It meets the authentication needs of a wide range of markets, across various platforms, offering a wide range of devices and use cases.
  • More than 90% of phones and tablets have cameras compatible with PalmID®.
  • Users can enrol on one device and later login with a different device (portability).
  • Depending on the security model required, PalmID® can be run on a remote server or locally.
  • PalmID® has been certified for medical use (electronic prescriptions) in some regions.
  • The solution’s IP is protected by four patents.


Solution Features

  • Security – It is very difficult to steal or replicate patterns with palm biometrics, since the code is quite literally concealed inside your hand.
  • Privacy – Since the palm vein is internal to the body, it can only be captured close-up, via a camera, in combination with UV light. So unless you deliberately scan your hand on a palm vein device, it cannot be captured.
  • Accuracy – Since the palm has a larger surface area than the finger or iris, for example, the palm vein scanner is able to capture more data points. This gives it an accuracy advantage over other biometrics.
  • Reliability – A person’s palm vein pattern remains relatively stable throughout life, so the chance that a registered user will have to re-enrol in the future is very low.
  • Hygiene – Palm biometrics are contactless; simply place your palm in front of a camera.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
How does capturing the palm compare to facial recognition?

The biggest difference between facial recognition and palm vein biometrics is in the area of privacy. So, unlike with facial recognition, it is impossible for your palm vein pattern to be captured from a distance.

Do I need a dedicated scanner?

You do not need any special equipment. PalmID® will work with any regular RGB and infrared (IR) camera.

Can the data be stored on a server and locally?

Yes, depending on the security model required, PalmID® can be run on a remote server or locally.

How much does it cost?

We currently offer two pricing models – one for mobile devices; the other for hardware such as ATMs/POS. We work closely with our customers to help design the best solution to suit their needs.


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