When last have you asked yourself, what does the future hold for your business? It will, no doubt, be a world in which virtually everything you could imagine today could be achieved through new technologies tomorrow. The breakneck speed with which businesses are evolving can be intimidating – and no matter what sector of industry you’re in, companies will be required to make some brave decisions to ensure that they flourish in future.

To start with, in a post-COVID-19 world, Contactless​ Authentication and interaction will become the norm. It heralds the start of many a ‘Zoom’ party and the end of the office access card. The Contactless Authentication entry to various venues will involve biometric detection such as biometrics or other facial recognition technologies. Office attendance will probably be limited to the ‘Six Foot’ office w​ hich has been designed to keep people six feet apart at all times. Click h​ere​ to view how your company can change post Covid-19.

The end of check-out queues? Yeah. Retail stores such as Waitrose and Tesco’s in the UK have long offered Self-Checkout. Checking-out through self-scanning and self-checkout stations combined with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID tagging) and banking apps will soon allow customers locally to also pick up merchandise and head for the door. A fringe benefit in the time of a pandemic is that fewer people are handling your shopping and increasingly, we will simply order online. Is that a delivery drone I’m hearing?

Although RFID is not a new technology, imaginative retailers are applying it in exciting new ways. Luxury retailer, Neiman Marcus, has installed interactive mirrors in change rooms which allows shoppers a 360-degree view of themselves. The colour or pattern of the garment can be changed by a simple movement. The mirror recognises the item through RFID technology.

Data analysis and new technologies already enable companies to coordinate their systems with carefully targeted advertising campaigns to create a more connected and relevant customer journey. And with PSD2, which has had the effect of creating an ‘open banking’ environment, new opportunities abound.

It can be daunting to imagine and incorporate the real benefits of these new concepts in one’s own business. Altron, partners with retailers and other businesses in a variety of industries to provide real solutions. Let’s make tomorrow today.

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