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(Fairly Unexpected) Pandemic Driven Trends That Have Come To Stay

By April 20, 2021No Comments

Let’s not pretend that ‘Rona didn’t blind-side us all. The virus has taken its toll. We are walking around, masked, like robbers; our hands are flaking from the sanitiser, and we haven’t had a good hug in ages.

But let’s look at the upside. It has also made us discover much more efficient ways of doing things. Here are a few.

1. No more standing in line with a heavy grocery basket in hand

We simply download an app, enter a list of the stuff to be delivered on our smartphones and the scooter arrives – more or less at the right time. It does mean that we have to get up from the dining room table where we’ve been working for the past 9 months to open the gate. But hey, can you even imagine waiting in a queue to pay for a loaf of bread, some vegetables and a litre of milk anymore? So, it’s clear, AI and voice prompted on-line grocery shopping will be the way of the future.

2. Home, sweet home

Since we’ve been home-bound we’ve taken more notice of what needs a bit of TLC in our respective pads. The hardware store is the one place where people are still queueing. Light paint colours, clean design and comfort seem to be the home trends that will be around for quite a while.

3. Ok, home is a thing, and we’re still at home – working out, this time

Online fitness programmes, coupled with a few pieces of equipment, have seen 70% of people who were gym fanatics say that they would continue their new regimes after COVID. No more waiting for the sweaty guy to step off the treadmill.

4. Netflix, anyone?

50% of households in the US have indicated that they are allowing their kids to watch more TV and play more video games. With reduced school hours, parents have to find ways to keep the little ones occupied. While we’ve long thought of the smart TV as a babysitter, the sitter is working a bit harder these days. And these entrenched habits are not bound to change.

5. Car ownership has changed to low gear

Unless you are a committed road tripper, you may have wondered about that large piece of metal taking up space in the garage. It cost money to buy – and now keep insured, serviced and parked. There is an Uber, Bolt or Lyft car around the corner at all hours. And for the long hauls, don your mask – flights are still more cost effective.

6. The no-brainer

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. This is no Mazda ad. It is our new reality. Zoom calls have even made it possible to go and feed the dog while the rest of the group are in earnest discussion about robotics and AMRs serving customers without human interaction.

7. The suburbs

With people being able to work remotely, proximity to the workplace is no longer important. The lure of more space and your own backyard, not to mention the field nearby, has become a compelling alternative – especially for parents with young kids. The air is fresher, the walks longer and the braai fire brighter.

Whether we are working or playing, these newly acquired ways of thinking – plus a great number of other tech trends – have had a significant impact on the quality of life we now seek. Time to put the For Sale sign up and move to greener pastures?

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