What we offer in

Financial  Services

What we offer in

Financial Services


Having made our way all the way from IR 1.0, IR 2.0, and IR 3.0 into the 4th Industrial Revolution we have every reason to believe that technology has facilitated our progress in just about all industries.

Think of the days gone by when bankers and other service providers had to know the names of all their clients. Now we have data that has allowed banks to spread their presence and still understand the preferences, needs and behaviour of clients.

Customers can select where, and, more importantly, how they would prefer to engage with financial service providers. Memory programmable computers have not only enabled the automation of production lines but also allowed us to minimise the need for human interaction. Thus the ATM, Saswitch, mobile phone banking and online banking came into play.

The consumerisation of IT has forever changed how banking clients behave. Some banks battled to keep up with the ever-changing demands. Most still do. In IR 4.0 data and technology plus the IoT are ruling how we are evolving and operating.  Even production systems go online and share information such as that a service may be required. Production is virtually autonomous and customer communication is more personalised than ever before.

Technology has made it possible to transform banking – and create a new future for all.

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