Smart Screens

Interactive Screen Solutions

Smart Screens

Interactive Screen Solutions

Take Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Altron Managed Solutions offers companies the opportunity to take digital marketing to a new level. With Aqueous Digital Glass, we can transform ordinary glass into a medium that can provide a captivating and highly engaging, interactive, sensory customer experience.

This medium is fully customisable and tailored to meet individual needs, whether that be road-side, in-mall, or in-office – incorporating a variety of user interfaces, controls, and audio capabilities.

Interactive Screen Solutions

There is no reason to be limited to an ordinary TV screen when you could open up a world of communication options through custom built, portable, digital glass.

Transparent LED Posters and Video Walls

The interactive panels can enhance information exchange in virtually any industry. It is particularly useful in spaces such as banks, malls and public transport to deliver messages that can act as a personal guide.

Targeted Advertising with Aqueous Artificial Intelligence

AI features include facial recognition and crowd monitoring. It may even be deployed as a 24/7/365 set of ‘research-eyes’ to inform clients on customer behavior patterns.

Smart Screens

Why Choose Aqueous?

  • It stimulates and increases foot traffic through a store or mall.
  • The glass enables engaging communication with customers.
  • Customised advertising content can be delivered and changed instantly.
  • Marketing messages are perceived via a high-quality medium which is associated with your brand.
  • Longevity and ease of maintenance means improved ROI.
  • It is evidence of a tech savvy business that offers elevated customer journeys.

The Aqueous product suite includes:

  • Digital screens
  • LCD, transparent and back-LED display combinations that can form customised video walls
  • Media Players
  • Content Management System Software

Did you know?

  • According to the South African Council of Shopping Centres, Mzanzi is among the top 10 countries worldwide in terms of Gross Lettable Area.
  • The country has the most saturated retail market in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • There has been a marked increase in the use of video and animation.
  • Consumers seek out visual content prior to purchase.

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