Branch Transformation Solutions

Interactive Teller

Branch Transformation Solutions

Interactive Teller

Branch network distribution strategy

Banks can now deliver a cost-effective, face-to-face branch teller experience via an ATM – anywhere, anytime.
Designed to provide remote assisted service, the Interactive Teller enables creative, new branch network distribution strategies, getting closer to your customers across existing, and new platforms.

1. Migrate transactions – while reducing costs

Interactive Teller enables the migration of routine, expensive transactions from the teller counter to the ATM, offering the combined benefits of personal service, lower processing costs, faster transactions and smaller footprint branches.

2. Increase productivity

Live tellers are deployed instantly across multiple sites, meeting customer demand when and where live teller services are needed. This maximises workforce productivity and the management of your staff from a central location.

3. Enhanced customer experience

Interactive Teller gives your clients live, face-to-face interaction with tellers at the ATM, delivering a personalised experience any time of day or night.

4. Increased sales and revenue

By extending the brand footprint and physical reach, Interactive Teller increases the opportunity to promote services and generate specialist financial reviews -resulting in revenue generation.


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