Managed  Services


Managed Services

Service Management & Mobile Workforce Solution

We have consistently demonstrated our solid experience in tackling large-scale projects. Our track record for delivering measurable improvements in service levels coupled with decreases in costs of service in real terms is proven. Our highly skilled and certified team of over 550 technical professionals, located nationwide and in neighbouring countries, enable us to provide high quality services where and when they are required.

Our focus is on keeping customers’ systems operational, available and secure so that they can in turn focus on their business demands of expansion, managing costs and increasing revenues. We will help customers realise the productivity gains and return on investment (ROI) they are expecting from their investments.

The applications suite offers various service level options that provide affordable proactive management and support. Our unique framework for delivering managed services provides a range of proactive services designed to optimise investment and maximise productivity.

From the initial customer call to the closing of the work order, customer invoicing and product replacement, every step in the service process represents an opportunity for improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and increasing revenues. In order to deliver best-in-class service, one requires seamless continuity and visibility of every interaction with the customer. Critical customer information must be shared and instantly available to everyone in the organisation that engages with that customer.

The Altron Managed Solutions Professional Services team has over 25 years’ retail and financial industry experience. With complete software development centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we can ensure that we always have the correctly skilled resources for our clients.


Incident Management Centre (IMC)

The Incident Management Centre (IMC) utilises ASTEA as a fully integrated system to provide accurate and efficient incident management functions and is fully and seamlessly interfaced to associated logistical and financial aspects of our business.

Over 140 incident management and technical support staff members work within the service desk facility which receives approximately 17 000 phone calls per month, associated with an average of 35 000 incidents managed to resolution. Service desk staff are principally centrally based at our main offices in Selby and are equipped to handle the following areas of responsibility:

  • Incident acceptance
  • Incident management
  • Technical service desk
  • Account control
  • Incident closure
  • Survey management
  • Account control
  • Incident closure
  • Survey management
  • Schedule and project activity management

The technical service desk team delivers remote services to our customers on a cost competitive basis.

We continuously build on the services offered by this team as customer demand grows. Additional services include:
  • Dispatch avoidance:
    ensuring effective resolution of incidents remotely or telephonically to avoid dispatching a technician to site (up to 60% remote resolution has been achieved on some accounts).
  • Endpoint security:
    fully managed end-to-end antivirus service.
  • Patch management:
    full Microsoft and third party patch management service.
  • Power management:
    where this has been implemented in the customer’s environment we have seen significant savings in terms of the their utility invoice.
  • Asset management:
    full software, hardware asset and configuration management for our customers.
  • Enterprise mobility management:
    management of mobile devices as a service to customers and internally for our own workforce.
  • Projects:
    software deployment and upgrade projects completed at a fraction of the cost of providing the same on site.

Technical Management

Technical Management fulfils the technical consulting and training function of the company. It ensures that our technicians are sufficiently trained in specific account details and technology solutions to produce the expected service results. In addition, this department also provides technical support services to technicians in the event that incidents of high complexity are encountered in the field.

When required, the team will evaluate equipment performance and pass on recommendations regarding equipment life span, durability and general functionality as part of our proactive service model to our clients to improve serviceability.

This support team fulfils the following additional functions:

1. Analysis

Incidents are analysed on a monthly basis to identify trends, repeat calls and the top sites/equipment with the most calls logged for the month.

2. R&D

Research and development is conducted on market trends and new technologies as well as enhancing the current technologies offered to our customers.

3. Solutions Architecture

Solutions are crafted to address customer needs and pain points

4. Pre-Sales Consulting

Assists the sales team when necessary to sell technology or solutions to a customer.

5. Process Engineering

Current Technical and support processess are evaluated and enhanced where necessary o ensure we deliver an optimal service to our customer.

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