Omnichannel Payment Platforms

Payment Platforms Solutions

Omnichannel Payment Platforms

Payment Platforms Solutions

Payment Platform Solutions

The payments industry has changed significantly in recent years. Innovations, regulatory requirements and customer demands have forever transformed this landscape.

Altron Managed Solutions has teamed up with Renovite, NCR and EFT labs to bring cutting-edge, next-generation payments platforms to South Africa.

Our solutions facilitate transaction initiation, processing and settlement. They integrate all payment processes, giving a single view of customer interactions – all the while driving revenue by delivering engaging, personalised and consistent customer journeys.

Renovite Technologies

Renovite products are engineered using cloud-native technologies. They leverage the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker containerization, thereby delivering true elastic scalability. Applications can accommodate changing workloads while keeping computing costs low.
Customers also enjoy freedom of choice in terms of deployment models. The solutions are delivered through services such as Amazon, Google, Oracle, Azure, or IBM Cloud. Alternatively, customers can use Renovite solutions on-premise using Windows or Linux servers, and migrate to the cloud once ready.

1. Reno Switch

Reno-Switch is a channel and token agnostic transaction switch designed to meet the needs of today’s payments industry.

2. Reno Test

Reno Test is a platform that enables automated quality assurance for mission critical systems across multiple business domains.

3. Reno Recon

Reno Recon enables the reconciliation, clearing and settlement of transactions processed through multiple channels.

4. Reno Issuer

Reno Issuer is an authorization system which works with Reno Switch to perform customer authentication and account authorisation.

5. Reno Secure

Reno Secure is a fraud detection system which enables real time monitoring and processing of authorisation requests for issuers, acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and merchants.

6. Reno ATM

Reno ATM is a system agnostic product designed to efficiently deliver 21st century business services.

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EFT Labs

This system serves all payment options (POS, ATMs, credit card, loyalty card, and mobile payments) plus other financial instruments (cards, tokens, license plates, fingerprints, eye scans and much more). It can participate in the API driven community and create opportunities for collaboration with our Open Banking ready technology (natively ISO20022).

EFT Labs introduces new features and functionalities while cutting costs and time-to-market through its scalable, modular design, powerful SDK and JSON/XML APIs. It cuts down on high processing fees, operational costs and expensive infrastructure by delivering on affordable platforms with multiple database options.

We are PA:DSS certified, and our architecture allows us to keep up with the PCI council’s ongoing advances. Furthermore, these systems are fully compliant with all major card schemes.

BP Sim – Emulative Testing Modules

Our payment testing suite has modules that are able to emulate vital parts of the payment chain and transfer this data to ATMs, Host, HSM, SeeEMV and Source.

BP Bridge – Payment Enhancement Middleware

Our flexible middleware assists in introducing new functionalities into legacy systems. It enables open banking solutions, the scaling of security operations, data enrichment and more.

BP Node – Payment Processing Suite

Our payment product suite provides your business with a scalable, secure, reliable and powerful processing platform (POS/ATM driving, message conversion and translation, authorisation, data warehousing and open-banking)

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NCR Authentic

Authentic is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for the fast-changing payments requirements of today. The latest release features over 55 new functionalities which makes it the next generation payments engine of choice for retail banks, card issuers, acquirers, payment service providers, ISOs and merchants. Authentic is designed to deliver function-rich, secure, resilient and scalable performance across all payment channels.

The transaction orchestration capability is enhanced by parallel routing to external services. Along with enhancements that enable the creation of web service interfaces, these enhancements have the ability to publish APIs for a wide range of banking services and omni-channel processes.

Enhanced card functionality enables account maintenance tasks – the status of accounts, lost or stolen cards, blocking and closing of accounts. It also offers improved processing of card applications and card production by enabling batch imports and superior data management.

Authentic’s transaction processing capabilities are a key part of NCR’s CxBanking offering, proof of NCR’s commitment to staying at the forefront of customers’ requirements.

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