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Point of Sale Solutions

Forecourt and Management Solutions

Point of Sale Solutions

Why you need POS (point-of-sale) System


POS (point-of-sale) system is the answer to keeping up with today’s fast-paced retail fuel environment. The system delivers advanced, yet still easy-to-use, features specifically intended for fuel retailers.

The unique and robust retail capabilities of our POS solutions will give you more control over your sites. It is remotely accessible and designed to take on the challenges of frequent interaction.

With our POS system you can:

  • Manage and monitor forecourt hardware, financial and loyalty transactions, host communications, and fuel sales in one single system.
  • Update prices, retrieve data, and control other store functions remotely, ensuring your business will run smoothly even when you’re not on site.
  • Easily configure discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs, making it easier for you to deploy marketing initiatives.
  • Deploy new up-to-date features seamlessly and make repairs faster due to the system’s modular design and optional remote access and diagnostics.
  • Integrate easily with other retail systems, so you won’t have to spend money on extra equipment to get results.
  • The comprehensive back- office functionality means you can easily integrate existing back-office or head-office systems.

Increase your revenue

The POS also offers coffee shop and QSR functionality to more easily grow your business, allowing you more opportunities for increased revenue. In addition to increasing your revenue stream with added retail capabilities and superior usability, the POS system is simple to maintain and updates remotely to comply with new regulations.


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