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Reasons Why Click And Collect Is Driving Sales

By February 9, 2021No Comments

As fast as e-commerce grew, so did the number of motorbikes scooting down our avenues. Yip, doing home deliveries. But now there’s another trend. Have you heard of BOPUS or BOPIS? They’re anagrams for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store – or, more often than not, at dedicated drive through lanes outside stores.

Large global retailers such as Kroger, Safeway and Walmart admirably lead the charge and invested heavily in Click and Collect (C&C) systems. And they are still counting the incremental dollars in the wake of their success. In many parts of the world C&C has literally shot the lights out of some brick-and-mortar establishments that hadn’t caught on.

As far back as March 2016, Cybertill, a cloud-based retail software provider, reported that 72% of UK shoppers have used some form of click and collect service. Take a moment to wrap your head around that stat. And with Nielsen predicting that US online spending will exceed the $100 billion mark in 2 years’ time, everyone is sitting up and taking notice.

The US retail group, Target, with over 1 800 stores, reported that ‘Drive-Up’ sales were up by 700%, while Pick Up In Store sales achieved growth of only 60%. So, our guess is that the Drive-Up collection lanes at your favourite shop is where you’ll be waving hallo to your buddies soon. Here’s why customers choose C&C. It’s all made possible by rigorous and robust retail systems.

  1. Convenience –  Shoppers no longer have to wait for delivery. They can simply stop by on their way to doing other things, and voila, the groceries are all packed and ready to go. With wasted time being a major consumer complaint, not having to find the right aisle and shelf becomes a real bonus. A few entrepreneurs such as InPost in the UK have even built banks of refrigerated parcel lockers so that shopping can be collected 365/24/7 – even if it is ice cream.
  2. Hygiene and Safety – With the ever present, and ever-more vicious virus hanging around, the fewer people touching your shopping, the better. Retailers are also more likely to ensure that their in-store staff have taken all the recommended precautions, while the scooter driver might have been tempted to stop for a cold drink with a few mates. Who knows? And those home alone might also not relish the idea of opening the door to a stranger in a helmet.
  3. Quality control – If we ever receive another parcel containing two beautifully ripe, but squashed, avocados, you’ll hear us scream. By picking up your own parcel you have the opportunity to check the merchandise in the drive-by queue or in-store. This removes the burden of proof of damaged goods and the embarrassment of asking for a refund. The shopper now has the opportunity to ask for a be replacement on the spot.
  4. Security – Ever experienced that sinking feeling when you find your order on the sidewalk – and half of it already walked? Research has shown that people who know that their goods will be safely in their own hands are more likely to add items of high value to their basket. Revenue liftoff.
  5. Saving our precious planet – By fetching our own stuff while we’re already on the road, we are reducing the carbon emissions of literally millions of delivery vehicles worldwide. Can we hear the earth sigh?

The long and short is that Click and Collect is here to stay. Call us today to discuss your requirements. Contact

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