Phew. This virus has caught most of us unawares. Apart from the sombre atmosphere in the supermarket and long faces on your videoconference, it’s not all doom and gloom though. Let’s look at COVID-19 as a real test of whether working remotely can actually be as productive – or potentially more productive – than working in an office environment.

What may have been thought of as impossible for many employees just a few decades ago has, thanks to the Internet, become a firm reality and hopefully a model for the future of flexible work. There are, in fact, a host of advantages provided you have the right tech at hand.

  1. Firstly, just think of the time you are saving, not having to shower at sparrows, dry and straighten your hair, apply make-up, iron your shirt, get dressed in your outfit and commute to the office – not to mention back, through the thick of traffic – in the evening. Estimated time saving on average: 2 hours? In fact, on many days you could just stay in your PJs if you wanted.
  2. Consider the savings. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on transport. What’s more, how much do you spend on your Americanos and sandwiches every day?
  3. Then there is the issue of flexibility. You can do your exercises in between virtual meetings, meditate before breakfast and play with your children or dogs whenever you want. Bonding time.
  4. No interruptions. Sally isn’t there to entertain you with tales of her how-many-th break-up with Harry. And no pointless meetings to attend just to prove you were there. Bliss.
  5. Oh, and that dripping tap that needed a new washer? That’s easy to fit in between online spells. That is if you even know how to fix a tap. If not, there is always Google…
  6. With all that extra time on hand, Corona has also permitted us to binge-watch our new favourite series. And get up at 4h00 if you have a deadline to finish the new business report.

The downside? Remote working poses a massive cybersecurity risk. So, if you are an employer, this is the time to call in the experts. It is no longer a question of whether your data is at risk; take it that you will be hacked sooner or later. Make sure that you minimise the potential damage. Now. Today. The virus is teaching us a new way of working and being, and we guess that it will become the new norm to work remotely more often. It is a perfect time to protect your assets from a breach. Otherwise, COVID-19 could become more than a human virus in your life.

So, given that we are all responsible and committed people who take pride in our work, we have the chance to turn this virus into a virtual disease and get on with what is really important. It might get a tad lonely out there, but then you always have your machine at hand. And, remind us, you have, how many FB friends?

Hope Eskom will assist in keeping the lights on.


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