Join us for an informative webinar on how Covid 19 has impacted the Retail industry.

Altron Managed Solutions proudly announces its participation in the “Retail in the Age of COVID-19” webinar, hosted by IT NEWS AFRICA on the 30th of September. Our subject matter experts (SMX’s) Anand Pillay, Liam McDermott, and Warren Miller will be presenting on various solutions that assist in the evolution of Retail in the COVID-19 age.

The retailers that are most adaptable to change are most likely to manage the immediate challenges and build more substantial, more customer-centered businesses. Retailers with resilient operations and a flexible ecosystem receive the reward. Now is the time for responsible Retail. That means demonstrating responsibility to consumers, to employees, to partners, and communities.

The re-alignment of purchasing priorities, personal lifestyles, and working practices that evolved as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a seismic shift in the retail industry. Consumer adoption of technology-enabled commerce has seen a big jump in recent times. Values-driven buying behavior accelerated by this crisis has become the new normal. Also, the appetite for digitally-enabled retail models will grow.

This webinar will discuss the importance of combining the right data and technology by building a real-time personalisation strategy that supports today’s retail needs. By using data to drive better experiences, retail stores being better equipped to deliver on consumer expectations and create opportunities for engagement during and after this crisis.


Anand Pillay

Pre-sales Consultant: Retail

Topic: Retail Solutions for the Covid-19 Age

Liam McDermott

Pre-sales Manager: Payments Platforms

Topic: Covid-19 and Payments the Knock-on Effect

Warren Miller

Solutions Architect: Digital Transformation Team

Topic: Queue Management

Who will benefit from the webinar?

  • Retail Professionals and executives
  • Brick and Mortar Retailers
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Retail Technology Companies
  • Supply Chain Companies
  • E-Commerce Enabling companies
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