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NCR SelfServ 90

NCR SelfServ 90 Summary​

A sleek compact Simple-Checkout solution offering your shoppers the speed, convenience, and simplicity they expect. The NCR SelfServ 90’s small footprint makes it an ideal solution for just about any retail format, large or small.

This compact checkout can augment your existing Simple-Checkout estate, and its size offers you the flexibility to install it just about anywhere—from a floor-standing pedestal, to a countertop, or even a wall mount.


Why NCR SelfServ 90​

  • The NCR SelfServ 90 is ideal for high volume stores with small baskets and strong card usage. It saves money on your technology investment by eliminating the cash and coin tender options and the security scale.​
  • Its integrated design offers a projected capacitive zero- bezel display, an EMV-compliant chip and PIN reader with contactless card capability, a 2D imaging scanner, and an integrated receipt printer and coupon bin. Customers can easily ’grab and go’ to make shopping even more convenient, especially during peak hours.

Solution Features ​

  • Zero-bezel 15” projected capacitive display​
  • 10-point multi-touch support​
  • EMV card reader with contactless capability​
  • 2D imaging scanner​
  • Receipt printer Why NCR?​
  • Coupon bin​
  • Integrated intervention light​
  • Floor, countertop or wall mount options​
  • Optional swipe encrypted magnetic card reader​
  • Optional basket shelf​
  • Security scale and produce scale​

Customer Benefits ​

Your shoppers choose Simple-Checkout because they find it to be convenient, simple, and faster than cashier-assisted checkout. They like to be in control of their shopping experience and find Simple-Checkout a great option for smaller baskets. The NCR SelfServ 90 gives your shoppers the same benefits of Simple-Checkout they value. It was designed specifically for small baskets of less than five items, while traditional Simple-Checkout accommodates baskets of up to 20 items. Offering a variety of checkout options can benefit both your stores and your shoppers.​

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