Branch Transformation Solutions

Self-Service Kiosks

Branch Transformation Solutions

Self-Service Kiosks


• A broad range of services including credit card payment, loan repayment, bill payment, funds transfer and product discovery
• PCI compliant – encryption PIN pad
• 19” multi-touch screen
• Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
• Card dispenser
• Proximity sensor

1. Empower your customers

The NCR SelfServ 4 ATM is a compact indoor kiosk. By migrating everyday requirements like bill payments, appointment management, card dispensing, product discovery and account maintenance, your customers are offered more options – whether that be in-branch or off-site. These functionalities also enable high-value sales, cross-sell and up-sell.

2. Designed to deliver the right experience

The SelfServ 4 has been built on the XFS platform. This translates into the ability to extend software from other channels onto the kiosk and use multiple channels. Customers therefore experience consistent and familiar service.

3. Multiple transactions

No matter what transactions you need to offer, the NCR SelfServ 4 does it all. Its flexible, modular configuration and modern design features a 19” multi-touch screen resulting in the accelerated adoption of this self-service channel.

4. Increased revenue

Incremental revenue is generated by offering product discovery, digital application forms and appointment booking and secure interactions.

5. Store management

The NCR SelfServ 4 is designed for 24/7 functionality. It can be remotely managed and monitored, ensuring the highest levels of availability and operational excellence. The unit is both EMV and PCI-compliant, equipped with NCR APTRA™ applications and features NCR’s full security suite.


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