Activate Enterprise

NCR Activate Enterprise is the world’s most advanced self-service ATM software application, delivering a rich mix of transactions and revenue-generation opportunities.

Designed for complex multichannel banking enterprises, the solution offers true integration of the self-service channel with your current infrastructure whilst achieving unmatched levels of availability, security and functionality.

Maximum Deployment Versatility – Single application three modalities

  • Traditional Self-Service (ATM on)
  • Remote Video Teller Assistance
  • In-branch in-person assistance (tablet).

This ATM software can differentiate your business by deploying new business services quicker and at lower cost as well as drive revenue opportunities through centrally managed enterprise server architecture.


  • Seamless connectivity across the physical and digital channels
  • Leverage contemporary web technologies to radically transform management of the ATM operational eco-system
  • Deliver targeted and personalized messages – when and how the consumer wants to engage
  • Cost effectively deliver new services with modern enterprise deployment architecture
  • HTML5 modern UI that can reuse assets from digital channels

Activate Enterprise
Software Distribution Services

Managing software on ATMs is becoming more complex. NCR Software Distribution Services remotely delivers software updates to your ATMs. We offer a variety of subscriptions to aid in the management of software updates:

Windows Security Update Management

  • Application Update Management (Edge/AANDC/Activate)
  • Campaign Management
  • Secure BIOS Update Management

Industry compliance and risk audits require that the latest software security updates are installed regularly across your base to help protect against malicious intent. Microsoft™ regularly releases updates to patch security vulnerabilities that firewalls and anti-virus might not protect. Understanding which updates are needed to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity and demonstrate compliance to auditors can be a lengthy and expensive process.

NCR Software Distribution Services provide a cost-effective way to identify, distribute and install appropriate updates on your ATMs, and provide documentation to support your compliance audit. We work with you to schedule updates and deploy security patches with minimal interruption to ATM availability.

NCR’s Software Distribution services provides the following key benefits:

  • Critical defence against operating system vulnerabilities that firewalls and anti-virus might not protect
  • Simplified update management with NCR domain expertise, secure infrastructure, tools and procedures
  • Audit reports to aid in compliance

NDC Enterprise

NDC Enterprise is an ATM software solution that extends channel capabilities with new transactions, allows control of the ATM transaction flows and brings engaging targeted interactions and rich personalized consumer experiences.

NDC Enterprise makes it easier than ever to deliver the same rich consumer experience across physical and digital channels. Communicate with consumers consistently across channels.

Reduce costs by managing the transaction flow and user interface managed by the enterprise server, seamlessly combined with a rich toolset for flow and user interface design, you can rapidly deploy new transactions and make changes to existing transactions.


  • NDC Enterprise software is designed with agile, modern technologies to make integrating and deploying new business services quicker and easier than ever
  • Using a rich toolset to develop ATM application flow and modern user interface
  • Engage your customers at the ATM through targeted interactions
  • Deliver targeted and personalized messages
  • Quick and easy to deploy, compatible with your current NDC host, requiring no host change

Solidcore Suite for APTRA

Solidcore Suite for APTRA is focused on two urgent, but historically opposed, challenges facing IT organizations:

  • To eliminate the business risk posed by network perimeter breaches or internal security threats
  • To reduce growing information security operating costs while facing increasingly restrained IT resources

Solidcore Suite for APTRA addresses both these issues simultaneously by only allowing authorized code to run on a protected ATM.

Maintain protection and compliance of your ATM network:
Protecting the code at runtime and maintaining the integrity and compliance of the ATM means you can reduce the risk and costs related to ATM protection.


APTRA™ Vision is a multi-vendor self-service ATM management system that puts operational performance into context with what really counts—consumer experience. With a complete and accurate view of your self-service network, APTRA Vision will help you to successfully manage your business and plan for future development.

Improved operational performance does not necessarily create improved consumer experience, but APTRA Vision’s graphical dashboard unlocks the information needed to help you optimize both of these key metrics. This system wide vision enables faster and more accurate decision making, leading to better timed and directed action.

APTRA Vision, improves network availability and in so doing, drives better consumer service, attraction and retention therefore improving revenue generation, while reducing costs and improving ROI.

APTRA Cash Connect

Teller Automation Units (TAUs) such as Teller Cash Dispensers and Teller Cash Recyclers are used to automate the handling of cash. APTRA Cash Connect Premium offers offline and online connectivity to TAUs from NCR and other vendors, consolidating the transaction information to provide branch-wide reports to assist with cash management. For immediate offline deployment, a standalone application is included; and for integration into the bank’s teller software, an extensive, multi-layered developer’s kit is provided.

  • Flexible network deployment
  • Integrated Windows® authentication
  • Simplified user management
  • Advanced cash reporting
  • Scaled to meet your requirements
  • Flexible denomination mixes for dispense
  • Increased levels of security .
  • Advanced TCR monitoring
  • Reduces software integration time

APTRA Self-Scheduler

NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler enables consumers to book appointments with the bank’s sales consultants through the Internet, a mobile device or a self-service terminal – at a time and physical branch that is convenient to them, whether it be around the corner from work at lunch time or close to shopping on a Saturday morning – providing bank customers with choices they haven’t had in the past. This 24-hour system ensures that once an appointment is booked it can be confirmed immediately through the customer’s choice of methods, from an SMS reminder to their cell phone, to e-mail or Text-to-Speech.

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