Interactive Teller

Change your branch network distribution strategy

Cost-effectively deliver a face-to-face branch teller experience to your customers via the ATM, anywhere, anytime. Designed to provide remote assisted service, Interactive Teller enables creative new branch network distribution strategies, getting you closer to your customers across existing, new and alternative markets.

Migrate transactions and lower costs

Interactive Teller enables migration of routine, expensive transactions from the teller counter to the ATM channel, giving you the combined benefits of personal service, lower processing costs, faster transacting and smaller footprint branches.

Increase productivity

Live tellers are deployed instantly across multiple sites, matching customer demand for when and where live teller service is needed. This allows you to maximise workforce productivity whilst consistently managing the performance of your staff from a central location.

Unlock amazing customer experience

Interactive Teller gives your customers live face-to-face interaction with tellers at the ATM, delivering a highly personalised, differentiated experience any time of day or night.

Enjoy increased sales and revenue growth

By extending your brand footprint and physical reach to engage more customers, Interactive Teller increases your opportunity to sell services and generate referrals for specialist financial reviews resulting in increased revenue generation.

Interactive Banker

NCR Interactive Banker uses real-time customer data so the very best assisted service is offered at the most appropriate moment.

Today, bank customers are demanding much more than just good service.

Banks must understand their customers and provide them with an amazing experience. If they don’t, customers are more willing than ever before to move to a different financial institution that will meet their needs.

It makes for happier customers, more efficient use of staff time and is good news for cross-selling too.

  • Precision service—tablet technology delivers a staff view of multiple live transactions at each Interactive Teller, so assistance can be precisely targeted
  • Sharper sales focus—thanks to realtime information on cross-selling opportunities, staff can act immediately and offer customers a product they are interested in
  • Smaller is better—smarter deployment delivers operational cost savings, including the freedom to open smaller, more cost-effective branches—and win new customers


  • View and control up to 6 self-service devices at once
  • Transaction override capabilities
  • Supports withdrawal overrides and over limit
  • Future new transaction capabilities e.g. Bill Payment
  • One view portal for all disparate application
  • Identify and offer personalized service based on their data
  • Minimal integration with maximum CRM value
  • Remote view, track and analyze customer self-service interactions in your branch
  • Identify bank and non-bank customers and be prepared for interactions
  • Respond seamlessly to customer help requests

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