About DaaS

DaaS (or Device as a Service) combines hardware, software, lifecycle management and financing into an all-in-one solution that provides businesses with a predictable monthly spend, per device, per month, for a fixed period of three or five years, thus steering customers from a Capex to an Opex based model. It is a flexible, all-inclusive offering that encompasses multiple vendors with tiered offerings that can be customised to an organisation’s needs.

Seamless solution

Whether it be a laptop, PC, printer, POS device etc, we will stage, deliver and install the device on-site and ensure that any necessary data is transferred from the customer’s old device to the new. We will also configure the device and keep track of it during its lifecycle, regardless of its movements within the organisation, all while adhering to an agreed SLA should it require updates, maintenance or repairs – in which case, all a customer would need to do is log a call with our 24/7 service desk and we will dispatch one of our 500-plus technicians, operating out of 110 locations across the country.

Customer benefits

  • Predictable budget planning and monthly expenditure – 3 to 5 year terms
  • Deployment services
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Reduced IT effort to manage computing needs*
  • Accelerated PC refresh keeps end-users up to date with the most relevant technology
  • Customer can choose between a host of OEMs
  • Layered security
  • Loan device in event of device failure
  • Flexible financing options
  • Technology tailored to how your users want and need to work
  • Flexible SLA options
  • Remote management, support and cloud services offered
  • Staff purchase option at end of contract**
  • Print management
  • Consultancy

IT made simpler -


Device hardening

Patch Management

Antivirus Management

Backup and Restore

2 Factor Authentication


Asset Management

Device Tracking

Remote support

Onsite Maintenance

Operating System Supported



Full-service offering

DaaS customers are given the choice of a selection of devices and accessories from the major OEMs – from entry-level right through to high-end models. The devices also come standard with an operating system, complete with licensing, all done upfront.

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