OasisVPN, brought to you by Altron Managed Solutions, offers a patented solution that uses advanced, software-defined security that renders networks invisible on the internet and impervious to external attacks.
Offered as an actual appliance or agent loaded on to a device, OasisVPN is an entirely locally-developed solution that facilitates a secure connection on an absolutely open network and ensures a safe passage for your data.

OasisVPN is for…

  • Companies that want to reduce their network costs by using the internet as a transport layer.
  • Wherever secure and redundant communications are required over untrusted or shared network infrastructures.
  • Where transactional data is used.
  • Where companies want to protect highly confidential data.
  • Where network resilience is critical (99.999% uptime).

Target Market

OasisVPN is ideal for the financial services (ATM environments) industry but can also be used for the retail sector, for government, for mining operations in remote locations, in POS environments and also the petroleum sector.

The benefits of OasisVPN

  • It offers patented stealth technology to ensure that the network perimeter is impervious to external parties and attacks.
  • It renders communication totally safe and secure with zero backdoors.
  • It is connection agnostic – whether it be 3G/LTE, fibre, ADSL or the like. 
  • It reduces admin overhead as there is no configuration required from a connectivity perspective.
  • The solution makes use of AES 256 encryption and is PCI DSS compliant. It also meets the encryption requirements for US FIPS (Federal Information Protection Standards).
  • It improves network availability and also offers automatic failover between multiple connectivity media in case of a network outage.
  • It is customisable and based on a customer’s unique requirements.
  • It is offered as a complete managed solution – from deployment and installation, right through to managing the connectivity. 

Securing your


Firewall ( EAL4 )


AES 256 Encryption

4096 bit Diffe-Hellman Certificate


Web Interface (HTTPS)

Seamless Network Failover


Automated Availability Reporting

Operating System

SUSE received Common Criteria Certificates at Evaluation Assurance Level EAL4

SUSE has achieved FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 validation

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