DaaS in a Box


DaaS in a Box

COVID-19 Statement

As the containment response to COVID-19 leads to quarantined cities, enforced social distancing, as well as office and school closures, its impact on the way we work and interact with others has been disruptive.

COVID-19 is likely to have far-reaching consequences well into the future, with many people already accepting and adopting remote working as a new way of staying relevant and productive.

In support of this move to working remotely to help curb the virus, we at Altron Managed Solutions have expanded our Field Services to support the home-office scenario, by helping to deliver a secure and managed environment when coupled with our Simplis.IT service.

Solution Summary

DaaS is an innovative service enhanced by Simplis.IT – our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) application. DaaS (or Device as a Service) combines hardware, software, lifecycle management and financing into an all-in-one solution for business clients, with a predictable monthly spend, per device, per month, for a fixed period of three or five years, thus steering customers from a Capex to an Opex based model.

It is a flexible, all-inclusive offering that encompasses multiple vendors with tiered offerings that can be customised to an organisation’s needs. Whether it be a laptop, PC, printer, POS device etc, we will stage, deliver and install the device on-site and ensure that any necessary data is transferred from the customer’s old device to the new.

We will also configure the device and keep track of it during its lifecycle, all while adhering to an agreed SLA should it require updates, maintenance or repairs – in this case, a call would need to be logged with our 24/7 service desk where one of our 500-plus technicians will be dispatched.

Customer Benefits

  • Predictable budget planning and monthly expenditure (3 to 5 year terms)
  • Full lifecycle management, including deployment and decommissioning
  • Reduced IT effort to manage computing needs*
  • Accelerated PC refresh keeps end-users up to date with the most relevant technology
  • Customer can choose between a host of OEMs
  • Layered security
  • Loan device in the event of a device failure
  • Flexible financing options
  • Technology tailored to how users want and need to work
  • Flexible SLA options
  • Remote management, support and cloud services offered
  • Staff purchase option at end of contract**

*The intention with DaaS is to provide customers with a flexible model. We can either just supply the device with the operating system and track the device, leaving the in-house IT teams to do everything else, or we can release the IT managers from more mundane tasks to focus on the core business, with the knowledge and peace of mind that they’re not working with outdated devices and software programs. DaaS makes even more sense for organisations that don’t have internal IT departments. It is certainly not there to replace anyone, but rather to help ‘evolve’ IT’s role within a business.

**With DaaS, at the end of the fixed-term contract, customers will either be given the option to purchase the devices at a pre-determined price or we will recover the devices after first removing all the data and other info from them. Should the customer want to re-enter into a new agreement, we will bring in brand-new devices with the same set-up scenario and simply start over – again providing technology that’s tailored to how the client wants and needs to work.

Solution Features

DaaS customers are given the choice of a selection of devices and accessories from the major OEMs – from entry level, right through to high-end models. The devices also come standard with an operating system, complete with licensing, all done upfront.

Hardware Software
Dell RMM tools
Lenovo Office 365
Apple OTS (Off the shelf software)
Other Mainstream devices

Our service includes procurement of the devices, warehousing, imaging to customer requirement, delivery, installation and configuration on site, remote monitoring and support, hardware maintenance, collection and decommissioning of the device at the end of the term. In addition to the above, the service is backed by a percentage of loaner and swap-out stock that covers accidental damages and non-systematic theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DaaS and a rental model?

We have wrapped our services around a rental model that includes full life cycle management, hardware and software support. It is the inclusion of these services that sets us apart from a normal rental agreement.

Can we get the device without Simplis.IT?

No. Even if you don’t use the software support functionality / have your own IT department who performs this service, we need Simplis.IT to track and monitor the device. For instance, if we note that a device has several temperature spikes and the fan remains at 0 RPM, we can pro-actively contact the user and schedule a repair at the user’s convenience.

What services are included and what is optional?

The base services, as shown in the table below, are included in our offering. The Pro and Pro+ services, or their components, can be subscribed to as optional services.

Does this cover/address the wiping of the device if it is stolen?

Yes, if the device is connected to the Internet after it has been stolen, it will check in to the management system and the system will gather some information from the device to try and identify the user of the device and will then wipe the device.

What is provided as a service if a device is stolen?

We will try to establish evidence of the person that stole the device and provide the customer with a replacement device that is imaged to the organisation’s specs and installation on site. This has been built into the solution for up to an agreed percentage of the total number of devices purchased on the DaaS model.

Can we provide all these services on Mac devices and iPads?

Yes, however iPad will have limited services (no AV/Patch and Backup).

What is the SLA associated with the service?

The SLA is a NBD SLA with an option to move to an 8Hr SLA at an additional fee per month for @Home service.

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COVID-19 Statement

Although UCC implementation and adoption differs in every organisation, the COVID-19 crisis is expected to have a lasting impact on how organisations view the ability of their employees to work from any location, on any device. For those organisations already prepared, it’s business as usual – or as close as one canget to it in times like these.

Solution Summary

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is a solution which organisations implement to ensure that nearly all their technology works together, seamlessly and securely, for near real-time communication. UCC integrates diverse communication tools such as Voice, IP Telephony Calling, Instant Messaging, Document Sharing, Presence, Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing, allowing employees to connect and communicate with colleagues and clients from virtually anywhere, on nearly any device, for better responsiveness and productivity.

Why AV-VC-UCaaS?

Video conferencing solutions have gone from being a business advantage to a business necessity. Over the last few years in particular, video conferencing has evolved from standards-based rooms systems and on-premises infrastructure to include communications between multiple device platforms and cloud-based infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved productivity, as users can share and access files from a centralised location, collaborate on documents in real-time and hold audio and video conferences with multiple team members at a time.
  • Empowers business agility and expansion, enabling businesses to adapt and respond to the changing requirements of their industry and have the technology in place to keep pace with their competitors.
  • Allows for greater flexibility, empowering employees to work remotely and hold HD video conferencing calls, instead of meeting with clients face-to-face.
  • Reduces costs, as ongoing maintenance and installations costs are eradicated.

Customer Features

Features of AV-VC in the UCC environment encompasses the following:

  • AV-VC devices to better enable remote/work-from-home solutions. These may include devices that can be added to the DaaS package that enable enterprise-grade video and audio quality for remote meetings and collaboration (during and post COVID-19).
  • UCC platforms that organisations can implement that are best suited to their size, operational needs, budget, and infrastructure. These may include new cloud-based implementations or hybrid UCC platforms that increase the lifespan of their legacy investments.
  • Room-based systems to optimise video meeting quality and productivity in all room type environments. These may include huddle rooms.
  • (3-4 pax), medium sized meeting rooms (4-8 pax), large meeting rooms (8-14 pax), executive boardrooms, training rooms and auditoriums.
  • Cloud-based UCC platforms that allow for interoperability between different UCC platforms and legacy systems. This allows organisations to communicate outside organisations, regardless of their chosen UUC platform/strategy.

Solutions Partners in Focus Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UC and UCaaS?

Unified Communications (UC) is a platform that combines multiple streams of communication in a single interface, allowing an organisation’s employees to communicate from any device and enabling remote working capabilities. UcaaS is a solution that combines various hardware and software components of UCC platforms as a service model (OPEX model) without the need for costly hardware and software infrastructure implementation and maintenance.

Why do I need it?

The workspace arena has changed. Also, employee flexibility improves productivity and encourages collaboration between staff, partners and clients. Furthermore, it allows for facilitation of teamwork and streamlined workflows, while reducing expenditure in areas such as telecoms, travel and IT administration.

Which solution is best for our organisation?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Solutions are dependent on factors such as an organisation’s size, infrastructure and recent investments. Solutions can be customised to include only specific portionsof UCC platforms best-suited to organisational needs.

Does Cloud make sense?

Cloud-based UC solutions reduce support and maintenance costs. Cloud-based solutions also guaranteed the most up-to-date platform, 24/7 monitoring by qualified, trained staff and near 100% availability and up times. However, it is important to consider whether an OPEX model fits in with your financial structure.

What are the costs?

UCC solutions can be implemented on an OPEX or CAPEX model, depending on which is best suited for your organisation. Cost will also be dependent on factors such as organisational size, licensing requirements and existing or required infrastructure. There will be some upfront costs, but there will also be significant hard and soft savings going forward. As part of the UC roadmap exercise, we would conduct a business value assessment to identify existing costs and determine the UC organisational benefits and payback over time.

What about interoperability with different UCC and legacy platforms?

We do have solutions that enable interoperability between different UCC platforms and can advise on inter-op solutions if your organisation currently has a defined UCC strategy or advise on UCC strategies with flexible inter-op solutions should you not have an existing UCC strategy/platform.

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