Maintaining your end-user computing environment can be difficult and quite complicated. As a leading supplier of end-user computing services, in branch and campus environments countrywide, we aim to reduce this complexity for you. As such we offer all-inclusive solutions that are customised to your particular needs. These range from maintaining you current end-user computing environment, to providing you with a full end-to-end solution, including device, operating system, Office 365, cloud storage and backup, device security and asset management, as well as remote and on-site support, all tied up with a service level agreement at a fixed monthly device cost, designed to suit your business needs. Furthermore, we will incorporate the latest technologies such as bots, augmented reality and artificial intelligence into our solutions, ensuring that we deliver a world class service to you.

These technologies enable us to reduce downtime and ensure a high first time fix rate, while driving efficiencies and reducing the cost of maintaining your environment. We have consistently demonstrated our solid experience in tackling large-scale end-user computing projects, and our track record when it comes to delivering measurable improvements in service levels – coupled with decreases in cost of service in real terms – is undisputed, even by our most discerning customers. We support most leading manufacturers’ desktops and associated peripherals across South Africa and neighbouring countries, and we have the management depth, experience, systems, processes, work ethic and expertise to deliver the required results and contribute meaningfully to reducing the total cost of ownership of your enduser computing environment.

Internet of Things

IoT The IoT is one of the hottest topics in the ICT environment right now, and as a leading solutions provider within this sector, we have embarked on an IoT strategy that will assist us to deliver a more predictive service to our customers in the future. By incorporating IoT sensors into devices, we are able to capture operational statistics that can be analysed and used to predict or even prevent potential failures. The condition is captured by the sensor and then sent up to the IoT hub where it is forwarded to our software platform for alerting, analysis and reporting purposes. Imagine a sensor in an ATM that can raise an alarm when someone it trying to tamper with the device or a sensor that listens for a defective gear in a device and warns you when the gear is worn, enabling you to replace it before it causes a full system failure. The possibilities created by the IoT are endless, and we can assist you with all your IoT needs – from maintaining current IoT equipment to designing a solution for your future IoT needs. IoT is also the future of asset management, as the introduction of IoT solutions will provide real-time 24/7/365 condition-based monitoring, focusing not only on the asset but also tracking variations in operating conditions, both of an environmental nature as well as in terms of operator and user behaviour patterns. The information gathered will then be used to change the way assets are managed, providing additional cost benefits to your business.

Device Management

Ever heard the phrase: “What you cannot see, you cannot manage?” It is so true in our tech-savvy world today, where even networks that are considered to be small, have hundreds of connected devices ranging from workstations, servers, printers, network switches and routers to smartphones and now IoT connected devices – and let’s not forget the shadow IT devices that we so easily miss. With all these connected devices, it has become so important for us to understand and know what is connected to our network. Simplis.IT is an End User Computing Solution that consists of multiple solution sets that enable us to manage and maintain a customer’s EUC environment, from end to end. This remote management and monitoring solution enables us to scan the network on a regular basis and detect new devices that are attempting to connect to the network. Alerts are raised for the newly detected device and sent to the service desk for investigation. Depending on the device classification the toolset will, through automated procedures, either install an agent on the endpoint and through policies ensure that the necessary security products and settings are applied to ensure the device complies with the company’s security policy or apply a monitoring set to the device. Now we can start to manage the device through our toolset and ensure patches, antivirus and software is updated on a regular basis. Utilise the single pane of glass to manage your estate – i.e. vulnerability management, hardware and software lifecycle management, backup and disaster recovery, remote monitoring and management, identity and access management, network and cloud management and power management etc. Furthermore, we offer solutions beyond simple monitoring and device management, as our toolset provides automated remedial intervention and automation of daily repetitive tasks.

Availability Management

The services landscape is undergoing a significant change, with an increasing number of customers moving from a traditional Service Level Agreement to an Availability Agreement. The latter being where the measurement is more focused on the systems availability during trading hours than the time to remediate the incident. Understanding this, we now implement tool-sets from our Simplis.IT solution, which are designed to simplify the support of your IT landscape. These tool-sets monitor the operability of all devices, such as your Point Of Sale and attached peripherals, and immediately provide an action/ alert should an intervention be required to ensure targeted operability is achieved at all times. Furthermore, utilising these tools allow us to pick up trends and proactively prevent a future failure in off-peak periods, before such an issue can affect the availability of your systems. We also monitor the device for certain threshold breaches and implement auto-remediation where possible. We also provide customers with access to real-time status information, which is provided via a web portal, enabling you to gain up-to-


Altron Managed Solutions offers solutions that secure every layer of your environment, from the cloud to the core. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, providing additional protection while maintaining Business-As-Usual. We prevent breaches before they even happen, utilising White List DNS-filtering to ensure that only pre-approved connections can be made. Our secure connectivity solution, Oasis VPN, creates a PCI and FIPS-approved (US Federal Information Protection Standard) encrypted connection over any available medium. Where a redundant connection is available, it seamlessly fails over in the event of a primary connection failure. We provide security and compliance support by offering vulnerability scanning, highlighting issues in your environment. Our reports can be sent directly to your SOC for resolution. Our ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) PCI scans and reports enables you to automate and maintain your PCI compliance. Preventing unauthorised access is vital to ensuring integrity. We provide multi-factor authentication capability using a variety of solutions, fully customisable to your requirements. Our digital badge solution, Usher, provides multi-factor authentication for both physical and logical access. Our biometric access solution, Cognivas, enables facial recognition and tracking. Our flagship RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution, Simplis.IT, incorporates several security features:

  • Remotely enforced patching
  • DNS filtering
  • Antivirus
  • AuthAnvil for critical account security
  • Port Filtering
  • Group policies enforcement

Our core business, ATMs, are by nature targets. We secure ATMs at an application level via code-signing, ensuring that only authorised code is allowed to run. Unauthorised code injection is prevented by removing local administrative capability. We can further secure the ATM by encrypting the hard drive, preventing access even if the hard drive has been taken out of the ATM.

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