COVID-19 Statement

As countries worldwide come under quarantine and lockdown orders – with people actively being encouraged to distance themselves from one another in response to the novel COVID-19 virus – businesses are scrambling to respond and adapt to the significant impact these restrictive measures are having on productivity, sales and services.

Although it is anticipated that lockdown measures will ease in stages over time, working remotely and social distancing practices are expected to remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

As many essential service industries begin to reopen, with more sectors likely to follow, queue-management tools that can help enforce safe social distancing will prove crucial to help ease consumers’ fears, concerns and avoidance of public spaces.

About Social Distancing Solutions

Already, many retailers, banking institutions, clinics, hospitals and more, have implemented social distancing measures, most of which are managed and monitored manually.

Altron BMS’s Q-Management/Social Distancing Solutions consist of a management console that gives businesses the means to control access by scanning QR codes generated on users’ mobile phones.

Q-Management is able to access the cloud-based console via a licensing fee per store – in a retail environment, for instance – from which the organisation can configure settings such as store location, trading hours, holidays, as well as store capacity. Security can then manage how many people are allowed access to the store/s at any given time, including the ability to exercise control over how long customers need to wait for goods and services, in order to adhere to safe and effective social distancing protocols.

Solution Benefits for the Business

  • Actively control, limit and track the number of people at/inside your premises in real time.
  • Compile a central registry of customers, during and post COVID-19.
  • Lessen the workload on staff and security personnel.
  • Reduce the amount of time a customer has to queue to receive goods and services.

How the Solution Works for Consumers

  • The consumer/user signs up for the service at no cost to themselves. This can be done via their mobile phone or PC.
  • Once registered, users can search for stores/services by location.
  • After selecting a store, users can book an in-store session according to a desired or available time slot. A QR code is generated for each confirmed booking, which is then sent to the user’s mobile device, confirming their booking.
  • This QR code is then scanned by store security upon entering and exiting the store on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sectors will benefit most from this solution?

Banking, retail, healthcare, service, and entertainment industries.

Is additional infrastructure required to implement this solution?

QR code scanners are the only additional hardware items required. Other than that, the solution is cloud-based and does not require any additional hardware or software infrastructure. The user component is based on a free downloadable app, available to the user on their mobile device.

Are support and development options available?

Support is available and organisation-specific development can be done at an additional fee (development is not included in the initial costs).

What are the costs involved?

Costs are dependent on the number of stores/business units registered. There is an upfront set-up fee and licensing fees are payable monthly. Additional development fees are not included in the standard licensing agreements.

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