Securing your environment and the horizon

How secure is your network? Are you certain that all potential points of exploit or security holes have been identified and addressed? Until a system is tested from every possible angle, you simply cannot say with reasonable certainty just where things stand with your security.

At Altron Managed Solutions, we understand that every network is different.

Security isn’t just a firewall; compliance isn’t just a checklist. There is no magic bullet. It’s an ongoing process that can always be improved. We provide our customers with tailor-made risk assessment solutions that highlight your risk profile based on a scoring system.

All assessments can be done as a once-off, adhoc or as an ongoing managed service.


  • Network Security Assessment

  • PCI Compliance Assessment

    • Initial data collection

    • Data collected by conducting a PCI network scan and a quick computer Cardholder Data Environment (CDE)

    • Collect secondary data

    • Collect secondary data in worksheet

  • GDPR / POPI Compliance

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