Environmental Performance

Energy and Emission Management

In 2017, Altron once again participated on a voluntary basis in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) climate change programme. Scoring a “B-”, which indicates a “Management” score level. Companies at Management level are found by CDP to be taking further steps. This will effectively reduce emissions, indicating more advanced environmental stewardship. The group’s carbon footprint, including Scopes one, two and three greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, declined by 26% in 2017.

Water Management

South Africa has continued to experience extreme water shortages across the country. We are conscious that, as a group, we must strive to do our part in conserving this resource. Overall in 2017, the group sourced 33% less water than the previous year.

Waste Management

Municipal waste sent to landfill remains a generic waste type across all our operations and reduced by 40% in 2017.

Societal Impact

We believe in doing good business while doing good. We are single-minded in our purpose which is to deliver innovation that matters. We are driven by the desire to see the world work using technology. As a result, the projects that we undertake with our customers are intentional and aimed at transforming people’s lives. We are focused on delivering this change through our fintech solutions that accelerate financial inclusion. All the while our healthcare services form the backbone of private health sector transactions and the digitisation of information in the public healthcare sector.

Our safety & security solutions are making an impact in the financial sector by facilitating the protection of sensitive and private data, and we assist institutions in verifying personal identity information, thereby reducing identify theft and fraud.

ICT skills are increasingly becoming indispensable to economic growth. At Altron we provide skills development particularly aimed at young people. This ensures a strong talent pipeline in business across sectors.

We believe that progress is best enabled through the seamless integration of technology in people’s lives and business processes. We believe our technology, that is backed by innovation, delivers societal impact that we all need as we change.


Our primary focus is in providing innovative solutions in the fintech, healthtech, safety & security, and skills development verticals that have a meaningful impact on society by addressing challenges facing communities in South Africa, the continent and beyond, while delivering shared value for all our stakeholders. We leverage our suite of product and service offerings to meet our corporate purpose of bringing innovation that matters and we believe that we are well positioned to address critical local and global societal challenges of safety and security, healthcare management, financial inclusion, and learning and development.


South Africa has a skills shortage and within Altron we have a business that trains and develops several thousand candidates every year. We are now developing systems so that we can extend this to address a wider number of candidates to transform South Africa. Our goal is to move from upskilling the few, to the many. In the process, help them to uplift themselves so that they can either start their own businesses or be employed within the formal economy.