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Branch Transformation Solutions

Teller Cash Recyclers

AST 7000 NT5

A reliable teller cash recycler handles the storage, safekeeping and distribution of banknotes through one input pocket. The safe is available in 5 mm, UL291, CEN L, CEN III and CEN IV.

The Solution

AST 7000 NT5 is an automatic cash-in cash-out recycling unit. Designed to guarantee high performances at counters with mainly cash transactions, the unit provides the security and reliability needed to protect open branches while allowing faster cash processing operations.

Why AST 7000 NT5?

The unit is equipped with 8 recycling drums with a capacity up to 700 banknotes each. To allow ease of service, the frame is designed in such a way that it can be removed, thus maintenance can be done remotely without interruption.


Solution Features:

  • Does not require structural modification of counters
  • Real-time updates of balances and cash in hand
  • Improved productivity and customer service
  • High level authenticity detectors prevent human error
  • Multicurrency operation
  • Last-deposit return
  • Reduced cash in hand within branches
  • System management of alarms and locks
  • Compact maintenance footprint via remote servicing
  • Bank regulation compliance
  • Banknotes are fed into ATMs without having to use CIT money
  • Remote management through a C-Link platform
  • Much faster deposits and withdrawals
  • Security features make open branches possible
  • Recycling of up to 5 600 banknotes
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Compact design. The unit can be installed in virtually any environment

Customer Benefits

  • Banknote recognition by CIMA’s sensor BV 5000 by means of magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet and visible light.
  • Authenticity recognition is combined with a country-compliant multi-currency fitness feature
  • A compact and attractive design
  • The unit allows storage and withdrawal at 7 banknotes per second.

What makes us different?

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AST 7016


This unit’s automatic cash-in cash-out recycling functionality is ideal for branches or retail outlets with cash handling.

Why AST 7016?

Equipped with 16 drums with a capacity of 700 banknotes each, this unit has the highest capacity and flexibility in the market. It can handle and recycle up to 11 200 banknotes.

The Solution

  • Multicurrency capabilities
  • The high capacity ensures that it is suitable for back-offices with several operators
  • Banknote recognition is performed by CIMA’s BV 5000 sensor via advanced technologies: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet and visible light. It features both an authenticity recognition function and fitness feature. In both cases all solutions are compliant with the regulations of the main central banks including EU countries.
  • Small maintenance footprint due to a modular system with two internal frames
  • If the requirements of a business change, the unit can be converted to the AST 7008 plug & play module. It is possible to replace the 8-drum frame with a CIT bag
  • Considerable reduction in teller time due to high transaction speed: (6 notes/second)
  • High security levels make open branches possible
  • Real-time updates of balances and cash in hand
  • Return of last deposit made is possible
  • Reduced cash in hand within branches
  • Management of alarms and security locks
  • Remote management through the C-Link platform

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