Augmented Reality

AR support bridges the visual communication gap between technician and support agents. Through AR Technology, Altron Managed Solutions provides real-time assistance and solutions as if the senior support agent is standing next to the on-site technician, instructing him/ her on the next step or action to take, thus ensuring each call-out will always have your best technician in place.

3D Printing

In the third party vendor space, it is often not possible to plan for and stock all the parts that might be required during the course of servicing – the primary reason being that these are not deemed as serviceable parts and under normal circumstances would not require replacement in the lifetime of the device. This is especially true of plastic, non-mechanical parts (namely fascia inserts, mouldings etc). Coupled with this are customer requests for device customizations where no existing parts are available from OEM suppliers.

This is where 3D printing comes to the rescue. We are currently able to replicate any type of plastic part within a very short space of time, thereby eliminating the lead time delays that can be experienced with OEM suppliers. In terms of customisation and prototyping, 3D printing has drastically reduced the cost of manufacturing units for R&D and testing. The use of 3D printing has given Altron Managed Solutions flexibility while developing new solutions and allows us to service existing needs with reduced cost and lead times.

Big Data

Big Data analytics currently provides Altron Managed Solutions with the ability to optimise stock holding based on predictions generated from daily usage and historical data to determine what equipment is required per region. Based on these predictions, future requirements (orders) are determined and cost analysis and JIT replenishment is done. The supply chain model in turn has been optimised to determine best shipping availability and recommended quantities for upcoming demand.

Altron Managed Solutions utilises Big Data analytics as part of its Maintenance Management Strategy and focusses on Reliability Cantered Maintenance. This provides us with a predictive capability to address arising issues and enables us to provide customers with a value-added service, ensuring that they experience optimal uptime to gain valuable revenue.


Our technicians are expected to be proficient in servicing technologies of a varying nature and complexity, which makes it difficult for one to become an expert in all areas. Chatbots have been instrumental in increasing access to support for technicians, while alleviating the pressure on specialists. This has resulted in shorter time taken to resolve customer queries. Chatbots have the ability to automate conversation with the user providing technical support on behalf of the specialist and simplify access to the business knowledgebase via a single communication channel.

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