Women supporting women – in an age of Woment in IT

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FemmeTech obviously refers to the industry that has been created to promote advances in women’s health. Brands such as Clue, NextGen Jane, Elvie and Lioness have developed a range of tools, products and tracking apps to provide women with accurate information on their physical health and wellbeing. Given that more than half the world’s population are women, we should be able to assume that females make up half of the management pool in companies. But, sadly, that is not yet the case. So, let us make a case for women to support other women in the workplace – and applaud their success.

Emotional and psychological health in the workplace can have an enormous impact on productivity. With a bit more awareness we can support each other make an invaluable difference.

1. Let’s lean in

Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandburg wrote, ‘Lean In: Women, work and the will to lead’. In 2013 when the book was first published, it had a tangible impact on attitudes of women in the workplace. With a net worth of reportedly $1.6 bn we should surely be able to rely on Sheryl’s advice on business matters. And hopefully learn a few lessons.

The overarching theme of the book is that we all should strive to identify the internal obstacles in enterprises that prevent women from being their best. And remove them – for they are counter-productive and do not serve the business objectives of ambitious organisations. The rest of the book is worth a read – if you haven’t done so already.

2. EQ is linked to success

While many of us think of emotional intelligence as a ‘soft skill’, the opposite is true. EQ has been proven to drive business success. There are very few leaders in politics, commerce and industry who do not display this quality in abundance. Our emotions are major drivers – and the truth is that women seem to be more intuitive is this department.

The business world has changed. Family names and the colleges and universities that people attended are no longer significant indicators of future success. It is now about true leadership, great communication skills and the ability to read people and consider their needs. This is the only way leaders are going to motivate staff – many of whom are still working from home – to get up from the couch and produce results.

3. A positive attitude

Interpersonal skills and altruistic behaviour translates into inclusion and respect for people who may be different. Diversity promotes different approaches to business challenges. And different ways of thinking results in better problem solving. None of us are keen to join that Zoom call when more-of-the-same thinking hasn’t resolved the problems before us.

4. Be the change you want to see

Leaders acknowledge team members and their contribution – and encourage them to be their best. Sometimes women can be hesitant to show their admiration for female colleagues because they think it is ‘not their place’ to praise co-workers.

Here’s the news: management will soon notice that you are confident enough to act as a guide and mentor, and you will be admired for being a positive driver in the organisation.

If we listen, discuss and share we have the ability to support and make each other stronger. By selflessly giving positive advice and your input on projects, or even just making a cup of tea for your colleague, you have the power to make your workspace a better place – no matter your title.

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